Want to inspire a love of learning in your students? Start with STEAMworld.

Who can use STEAMworld crates?

Anyone with a student in grades 4 through 8! STEAMworld crates are the perfect project-learning, unit-focused resource for homeschoolers. For students in a traditional classroom, parents can use STEAMworld crates as a fun supplement for their students outside of school. We can even provide enough materials for an entire classroom (perfect for substitute days!). Because each crate is open-up-and-go, there is no prep work involved.

How much work is involved for the parent or teacher?

None. Let's repeat that: None! The crates are completely open-up-and-go. Students read through the colorful country scrapbook and then move on to the Activity Book. Everything is provided and prepped for easy use.

What's STEAMworld's mission?

STEAMworld is dedicated to providing all-in-one theme-based learning materials. STEAMworld is based on the idea that science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics are crucial to student success and to encouraging a love of learning.

What makes STEAMworld crates unique?

STEAMworld crates are unique in that they integrate multiple disciplines of learning (science, math, engineering, and art) around a central interesting concept - a country. So while students are learning about a fascinating land, they are also engaging in science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics (STEAM).

The benefit is that learning is made relevant to the student; designing a ceramic hand doesn't stand alone as an art project but is tied in to the intricate geometric designs of Moroccan art. Origami, which is of course fun to create on its own, becomes a lesson on volume in the Japan crate. The study of Marie Curie and the Periodic Table relates directly to Curie's birthplace of Poland and her discovery of the element Polonium (named after her homeland!).

By linking these concepts, students are not just introduced to a single topic but take their study of that topic into the critically important areas of science, math, art, and engineering.

What about siblings? Can I get extra materials?

Of course. Check out our Duo options for each crate. Need more? Send us an email.