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  • Country Crate: Japan

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    Kon'nichiwa! Welcome to Japan! In this crate, which centers on water – so important to this island nation! – you will explore density and buoyancy by making your own Cartesian Diver and imitate the traditional ukiyo-e art form by creating a reusable block print. You'll even learn how to make origami boxes to measure volume and complete an engineering challenge based on what you've learned! Besides that, you'll explore the beautiful customs, history, and people of the Land of the Rising Sun!

    Included is:

    • 8-page full-color country scrapbook with country map, facts, and information about the history, culture, traditions, economy, and language of Japan
    • 16-page activity booklet that details the science, math, art, and engineering projects and information about each topic
    • Science project with all materials included (and additional do-at-home experiments)
    • Art project with all materials included
    • Math project with all materials included
    • Engineering project with all materials included
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