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  • Country Crate: Morocco

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    Are you ready to explore the beauty of ancient and modern-day Morocco? In this fun crate, students will learn all about kinetic vs. potential energy (and make their own catapult!) while also learning about all the forms that energy takes. For art, the inspiration is the intricate geometric patterns that decorate much of Morocco, and students will create their own decorative ceramic hand. The math section also focuses on the beauty of patterns (hint: have you ever heard of spirolaterals?). Finally, the engineering challenge will involve harnessing the power of the sun to make something yummy!

    Included is:

    • 8-page full-color country scrapbook with country map, facts, and information about the history, culture, traditions, economy, and language of Morocco
    • 16-page activity booklet that details the science, math, art, and engineering projects and information about each topic
    • Science project with all materials included
    • Art project with all materials included
    • Math project with all materials included
    • Engineering project with all materials included