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  • Country Crate: Sweden

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    What do Dala horses, fractals, Carl Linnaeus, and chromatography have in common? They're all a part of the diverse and fun STEAMworld Sweden crate! In this crate, students will learn all about Linnaeus' work in botany and explore why leaves change color. For art, they'll create their own wooden Dala horses as a symbol of Sweden. After exploring the fascinating world of fractals and the Fibonacci Sequence, they will build their own Ferris wheels as an example of symmetry at work.

    Included is:

    • 8-page full-color country scrapbook with country map, facts, and information about the history, culture, traditions, economy, and language of Sweden
    • 16-page activity booklet that details the science, math, art, and engineering projects and information about each topic
    • Science project with all materials included
    • Art project with all materials included
    • Math project with all materials included
    • Engineering project with all materials included