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  • Country Crate: Poland

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    You'll need a protractor and a compass to explore the natural wonders of Poland... and to navigate your way though lessons on drawing angles, finding midpoints, and using chords to find the middle of a circle! Luckily, those tools of basic geometry are included in this awesome crate (along with tons of other stuff)! You'll use them again in the science section when you learn about the elements (can you name the two elements discovered by Polish scientist Marie Curie?) and draw your own model of an element. Speaking of drawing, for the art section you'll be practicing the old Polish art of wycinanki (hint: it might involve a rooster!). So hop aboard, and let's discover this land of 10,000 lakes!

    Included is:

    • 8-page full-color country scrapbook with country map, facts, and information about the history, culture, traditions, economy, and language of Poland
    • 16-page activity booklet that details the science, math, art, and engineering projects 
    • Science activity with all materials included
    • Art project with all materials included
    • Math project with all materials included
    • Engineering project with all materials included
    Need additional materials for a second student? Add-on our Poland Duo option!